Open Letter to Justin Trudeau & the Entire Corrupt Government of Canada

Since November 30th 2021 I have been a prisoner – held hostage for SEVEN MONTHS against my will by Justin Trudeau. It’s illegal to hold someone hostage against their will or didn’t you know?? It’s unbelievable how so many of you can turn a blind eye to colossal crime & the violation of our human rights. CRIMINAL CHARGES – and until he is every last one of you is complicit in these colossal crimes against humanity.

You cannot claim there is law, justice or democracy in this country while allowing Justin Trudeau to commit crime after crime, first he tried to coerce us, then extort us, now he’s kidnapping us.

MY PASSPORT STATES I AM FREE TO LEAVE WITHOUT DELAY OR HINDRANCE. But it says nothing about a corrupt prime minister holding you hostage against your will out of hatred & spite because he thinks he has any business or authority to dictate my medical choices.

You’re here to serve us not the other way around. You’re supposed to listen to us, we’re supposed to have a say in the direction this country is going. WE DO NOT. We’ve been betrayed & abandoned.

The gathering of millions of peaceful Canadians in Ottawa was an attempt by Canadians to be heard – only to be shut down again & beaten by riot cops & violently trampled with horses.



Let’s get one thing straight that’s been forgotten: You cannot just do as you please. Transparency was promised. Empty promises, nothing new from the government of this country.

You’ve forgotten your place = PROVIDING SERVICE TO CANADIANS, THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED YOU, THE PEOPLE WHOSE MONEY YOU SPEND, & RECKLESSLY I MIGHT ADD. Remember us, we’re the whole reason you’re in that position in the first place. The forgotten, the ignored. The dismissed, the ridiculed. Millions of us slandered as racists / misogynists / extremists / simply for wanting our government to respect our Rights protected in our Canadian Charter.

Things have gotten way out of hand. Your position is a privilege. Your job description is SERVE CANADIANS – not yourselves. If you refuse to listen to Canadians – and you do refuse – you should be removed from your position.

Canadians have had enough of the lies, the propaganda, the coercion, the extortion & the thinking you’re above the law. You serve us, you spend our money irresponsibly, & you better believe we have a right to have our say about the direction this country is going. And the direction this country is taking is frightening.

But you don’t listen to us, any & all opposition to your narrative & decisions is met with things like the trampling of horses & riot police all to happy to showcase their joy of police brutality to quiet all who oppose. That’s not democracy, that’s not a free country that’s a totalitarian regime run by a power-hungry dictator. Democracy, what’s that?? It’s non-existent here.

For over 2 years we’ve watched the effects your propaganda has on the Canadian people. Detrimental is an understatement. It’s despicable what you’ve done to so many of them. Bamboozled into being terrified of a virus with the ridiculously high survival rate of 99.997 – 99.5% (70 & under) = same stats as the flu of which they’ve lived with their entire lives every single year & changed nothing. They only do so now because your propaganda has been quite effective; psychological warfare always is – a silent killer.

To be terrified of that is irrational, it’s delusional, & it’s simply not possible without massive doses of propaganda. You drove countless Canadians into bankruptcy & despair, & suicides skyrocketed, as did drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic abuse, child abuse, & the list goes on & on.

YOU. Not covid, not a virus – YOU. Missed cancer screenings & operations, our senior citizens forced to die alone forbidding families to be together in the last minutes of their lives. IT TAKES A VERY DARK HUMAN BEING TO DO THAT. It’s heartless, soulless.

How dare you.

The choices you made on your own – without consulting the people you work for – and forced upon us spoke volumes about how our well-being is the last thing you care about. In court our government was forced to admit they’ve never even isolated the virus; Bonnie Henry tried to get the court case against her dismissed; but surprisingly failed – cuz you want us to accept your terrible decisions & complete fabrications & endless propaganda without question or push back. That’s not how it works. And you pay people to help you achieve this: $1.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars to CBC who pummels us with propaganda non-stop while simultaneously ensuring their YouTube vid comments are turned off 99% of the time to avoid pushback to their propaganda.

Quite the racket you’ve got going on.

YOU did more damage to us than a virus ever could. Those minds you’ve warped, lived their entire lives with the flu – same stats – didn’t change a thing, no lockdowns masks firings coercion extortion bullying threats or harassment. They only do so now cuz of the massive propaganda campaign mounted against them.

You’ve done so much damage. The vaccine is doing so much damage. Proof? TONS: Have you even bothered to read the NINE PAGES of Pfizer docs showing 1500 awful side effects?? If you have yet choose to remain silent you are committing massive crimes against humanity.

They tried to keep that info hidden till 2097 when we’re all dead = cuz they knew what they were doing was wrong. Justin ignores this = a major crime against humanity. This is treasonous, it’s the ultimate betrayal of the people. 400 million doses purchased for 37 million Canadians?? The Trudeau / ModeRNA deal shows his only interest is raking in the billions, while putting our lives & families lives at risk. Then he claims “to care.” He doesn’t.

You won’t stop lying to Canadians til you’ve destroyed every last Canadian. This is absolutely unacceptable. I know 3 people who committed suicide. I know dozens & dozens who lost their businesses. You convinced them their little 50-seater restaurant was “dangerous” while simultaneously not closing a single Walmart or Costco for even a day, that sees 100 times the volume that the little guy does.

You had the audacity to call us “not essential.” How dare you. Every single Canadian is essential.

You work overtime to silence those of us who see through your charade. You should be ashamed of yourselves but that takes a conscience, integrity, character & honor. Your fraudulent claims of “wanting to fight disinformation!” are nothing but cover for the daily disinformation YOU dish out – Canadians are not following science they’re following your propaganda. It’s also a cover for your desire for censorship, & Lord knows it takes a lot of work to cover up all of the corruption that is Justin Trudeau.

Know this: You don’t fool smart people, you don’t fool those who do their homework & think critically & research & investigate. You only fool the dumbest of the bunch, those who are easily manipulated & not too bright. Fooling idiots is not an accomplishment.

You ignore the damage the vaccines are doing while simultaneously trying to force it on us = crimes against humanity. Taking everything away until we do = that’s called EXTORTION, a crime under Section 346 of the Criminal Code of Canada. You’ve done so much damage and it has to stop. Canada is already gone – all that’s left is the police state prison country of Chinada.

And as if things weren’t bad enough Trudeau’s about to sign away our Canadian Charter & Constitution on May 22nd & hand it over to the WHO – I don’t know which one is more corrupt. We don’t want this – but Canadians being heard is the last thing on your list.

THIS, ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE OUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING IS DESTROYING CANADA & CANADIANS ACROSS THE COUNTRY. But you don’t care, cuz you serve yourselves, not us. How do you sleep at night??

I guess without a conscience you sleep quite well.

Canadians are fed up with the propaganda from CTV, CBC & Global & countless other people who’ve been paid off by Justin Trudeau to prop him up rather than tell the truth. Shame on every last one of you. Justin plays “a guy who cares about Canadians” on TV but nothing could be further from the truth = that was made evident by what he chose to do in Ottawa rather than simply have a word with them. He should be removed from his position & held accountable. And so should all of you. Your “legacy” will forever remain the Betrayers of Canadians & the Destructors of Canada.

My grandfather & countless others are rolling in their graves – everything they fought for it’s all gone none of it is left. You WILL be held accountable if not here by man, then one day by God.

There’s still time for you to do the right thing & emerge as the hero instead of a dime-a-dozen charlatan but I won’t hold my breath.

You’ve lost your privilege to serve Canadians by only serving yourselves.

So many of us are waiting for the day that one of you will get a backbone & tell the truth & stand up to the Tyrant Trudeau.

And everyday we’re disappointed.

RESIGN. If you won’t serve Canadians, resign. If you refuse to listen to Canadians, resign. If you plan on continuing the destruction of our once beautiful country you will have sealed your fate.

Lastly, the company from whom Justin bought the 400 million vaccine doses was fined for FRAUD to the tune of $3 billion in 2012.

This is what you support?? Fraudsters & Charlatans??

In 2009 Pfizer had the previous highest fraud fine to date, $2.3 Billion, & federal court dubbed Pfizer “REPETITIVE CORPORATE CHEATS.” Well, Glaxo Smith Kline beat their record for an even bigger fine of $3 Billion & Justin Trudeau thinks they’re the ideal people to do business with – people who falsify safety data & bribe doctors & con in the world??

This has your support?? Despicable. You Sirs & Madams need to take a very long much needed look in the mirror & ask yourselves if this is the legacy you want to leave behind for your children & grandchildren = you be forever remembered as nothing but deceptive fraudulent charlatans.

Newsflash: People who put out a product that actually is “safe & effective” don’t decide to acquire IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION before rolling it out.

That’s a free life tip for ya.

You cannot continue to drag us down this path of totalitarianism, dictatorship, & communism without consequence.

You’ve erroneously decided that our Rights are “gifts from the government” only to be received upon good behavior. Who Do You think You Are?? Boy have you ever swayed from the righteous path. You will forever be known as some of the most evil heartless & soulless humans to ever walk this Earth.

FYI I’ve been a political prisoner of Justin Trudeau’s hatred & spite for seven months & counting, kidnapped & held hostage against my will in this police state prison country. CANADA, A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY?? 😂🙅

You hold in your hands the power to become a Canadian hero to millions by standing up to Tyrant Trudeau & doing the right thing.

Choose wisely for you will bring upon yourself the consequences of the choice you make. Never underestimate the power of people who have nothing left to lose 🎯

“The Political Warfare Executive:” A Memo You’ll Want To Read!

*Know Your Enemy*

“The Political Warfare Executive:” A Memo You’ll Want To Read!


Happiness 😁

Some say it’s elusive. I’ve heard some say it’s just not happening for them right now; I’ve heard some say soon, they’re just waiting for certain things to happen. Some will say they’ll get it when they get that promotion. Some say it’ll come as soon as they get a boyfriend. Some spend their entire lives waiting for it, being disappointed if it never arrives..


I wondered where it is they have to go to get the happiness, do they walk down to the corner & wait for it at the bus stop? Maybe they have their own driver & they’ll drop it off right at your door? Maybe they use FedEx to ship it quickly? And you know for sure they’ll always be one cheap bastard who will use the slow snail mail ..

According to these people it could come in a variety of ways; but how, I ask, is this even possible ⁉️ Why do they even think it can be put into a box when what Happiness IS, is a Feeling⁉️ Last time I checked – Feelings Are Inside Of Us.
With that in mind one must ask themselves why do they attach it to things that are outside of them? And while we’re on the subject why are they attaching it to things at all ⁉️


So what happens then if they lose the thing it’s attached to, that job, that house or that girl .. Pouf! goes that Happiness? Somehow our view / our understanding of this thing called Happiness may have gotten a little skewered along the way ..

Happiness: look at it as a State Of Mind, a State Of Heart, a State of Soul 😉 Make it A DECISION. Pick Happiness as your Mood & wear it for the day 🙂



May the house of cards fall & crumble

Try to catch the ball but fumble

May it trip down the stairs in a clumsy stumble

Tumble down old ways; may only goodness & love stay

Good riddance corruption & lies – it’s now time for the people to rise

Exit this Land of Illusion, this Broken System

That wasn’t really broken but just built that way

Lies and deceit filled our pretty streets

But we the people stand together, & we’ll have our say

For there are many more of us than them

And the day will come where they will pay

Love Infusion 💘

The WHO is Now Condemning Lockdowns??

And now the WHO is condemning lockdowns?? And people wonder why we don’t believe anything they say since they do more backflips than an Olympic gymnast. But apparently Justin Trudeau is still intent on building camps across our country? What is really going on here??

The Real “Pandemic” is Government Tyranny

So THIS is what warrants “Covid Camps??” THIS?? Anyone with any common sense can see that’s preposterous. To be actively scouting locations in every major city – “because we have a “major pandemic” going on??”

These stats DO NOT warrant stopping the entire Earth from turning, forcing tens of thousands of businesses to go bankrupt, cutting us off from everything & everyone that brings us joy, muzzling us like rabid dogs, & causing so much fear & despair by the isolation that suicides have skyrocketed, alcoholism & drug addiction has increased dramatically, shrinks are overloaded with new cases of depression & dementia, premature deaths from canceled necessary operations, & so on.

The deaths & destruction they’ve caused from their lockdown is the real pandemic & what should be talked about on every news outlet & website. But when we try we are censored. “You got Punk’d!” into a Total Tyranny Takeover. Welcome to the ‘New World Order,’ or their sneaky “covert” term, “New Normal.”

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