Open Letter to Justin Trudeau & the Entire Corrupt Government of Canada

Since November 30th 2021 I have been a prisoner – held hostage for SEVEN MONTHS against my will by Justin Trudeau. It’s illegal to hold someone hostage against their will or didn’t you know?? It’s unbelievable how so many of you can turn a blind eye to colossal crime & the violation of our humanContinue reading “Open Letter to Justin Trudeau & the Entire Corrupt Government of Canada”

“The Political Warfare Executive:” A Memo You’ll Want To Read!

The most important thing you’ll read all day💥


Happiness 😁 Some say it’s elusive. I’ve heard some say it’s just not happening for them right now; I’ve heard some say soon, they’re just waiting for certain things to happen. Some will say they’ll get it when they get that promotion. Some say it’ll come as soon as they get a boyfriend. Some spendContinue reading “Happiness”

The Real “Pandemic” is Government Tyranny

So THIS is what warrants “Covid Camps??” THIS?? Anyone with any common sense can see that’s preposterous. To be actively scouting locations in every major city – “because we have a “major pandemic” going on??” These stats DO NOT warrant stopping the entire Earth from turning, forcing tens of thousands of businesses to go bankrupt,Continue reading “The Real “Pandemic” is Government Tyranny”