Mysticism & Science: A Marriage Made in Heaven ☮

-Carl Sagan What I see happening, hopefully sooner rather than later, is the Merging of Science & Spirituality.  Science must embrace Spirituality & Spirituality must embrace Science. I feel they are each other’s elusive corner piece of the puzzle. They’re gonna finish each other’s sentences. They complete each other. I don’t see any other way. Nothing else makes asContinue reading “Mysticism & Science: A Marriage Made in Heaven ☮”

My Experience with Lucid Dreaming & OBE’S

Why I believe the mere fact we dream proves there is more than just the physical world! On DREAMS: I have the craziest dreams.  Very vivid.  Never a dull moment.  For the 14 years I ‘abstained’ fro… Source: My Experience with Lucid Dreaming & OBE’S LoveInfusion©2017

Love: Why We’re Here

Love Yourself ~ Self-Love ~ It all starts with you 🙂 The world is so beautiful when you choose to look at it through the eyes of love. Operating from a place of joy & kindness brings me a richness that money could never buy.  I graciously thank every obstacle, challenge & hardship – forContinue reading “Love: Why We’re Here”

Moving into Joy

There’s nothing wrong with being sad, it’s not a bad thing – I learned how good it feels to have a good cry – it’s such a release! I try to have a really good cry at least once a month – to get all of that crap out.  I keep a shelf of go-toContinue reading “Moving into Joy”