May the house of cards fall & crumble Try to catch the ball but fumble May it trip down the stairs in a clumsy stumble Tumble down old ways; may only goodness & love stay Good riddance corruption & lies – it’s now time for the people to rise Exit this Land of Illusion, thisContinue reading ““Crumble””

Being a Grown-Up vs Being an Angry Toddler Pulling Tantrums

“The left” doesn’t think for itself, their minds have been hijacked by the most evil people on the planet with many a nefarious agenda. By targeting your emotions they get you all riled up & keep you in a state of chaos – far away from anything that even remotely resembles calm, cool & collectedContinue reading “Being a Grown-Up vs Being an Angry Toddler Pulling Tantrums”

Nazi Germany is Back. Now They’re Called Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google


600,000 People Told They Had COVID-19 Despite Not Being Tested!

https://thepostmillennial.com/600-000-people-were-told-they-had-covid-19-despite-not-being-tested 600,000. So the world’s count has to be reduced by 600,000 ⁉️ Jesus 🤦 You ready to take your damn mask off yet ⁉️ And they call #QAnon a LARP 🤦 #COVID is the LARP!

Yeah No, #Wayfair Ain’t Skating: Caught Red-Handed

https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCfKQ_qFr4V/?igshid=eftyw6q4odnk They can slap a false information tag on it till the cows come home we all know this is real we all know this is happening and we all know that they’re trying their damnedest to keep it from coming to the public.