“My Body My Choice” Remember?? No Vaccine, No Mask, No Chip

I will absolutely not be vaccinated against my will. I will absolutely not be masked against my will. I will absolutely not be chipped against my will. Ain’t nobody got time for human rights violations.


Use this time wisely, dive into yourself 😁 Read, meditate, listen to music, do some yoga, learn a language, learn to play an instrument – but most importantly love yourself ♥️

“Diet Racism”

#DietRacism–Once Upon a Time, a ridiculous world was created by a bunch of unauthentic unawake unaware people who spent [wasted] all their time trying to fit in certain boxes & squishin’ n squeezin’ n forcing people into them kickin’ & screaming into all kinds of different boxes.–This is because THEY’RE out of control – NOTContinue reading ““Diet Racism””