The Vatican has Gone to the Dark Side 👿

Nazi Germany is Back. Now They’re Called Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google

600,000 People Told They Had COVID-19 Despite Not Being Tested!

600,000. So the world’s count has to be reduced by 600,000 ⁉️ Jesus 🤦 You ready to take your damn mask off yet ⁉️ And they call #QAnon a LARP 🤦 #COVID is the LARP!

A 79,000 Case COVID “Mistake”

So we need to remove 79,000 people from the COVID list in the US & THAT’S JUST ONE STATE! Guys, SEVENTY-NINE THOUSAND. You see how this is all Bullshit now?? A 5-year-old could figure out that this is about The Election.

The Global Epidemic of Pedophilia

Every year, pedophilia, sexual abuse, & sex trafficking rates increase.

The Global Epidemic of Pedophilia

Yeah No, #Wayfair Ain’t Skating: Caught Red-Handed

They can slap a false information tag on it till the cows come home we all know this is real we all know this is happening and we all know that they’re trying their damnedest to keep it from coming to the public.

Rising Out of the Ashes

Mystic Digging On Existence✨


Passion in waves

 Intense they pummel

Rolling me over

and over & over.


Help me grow,


I have to go

A head start

All the crap

stuck in these spokes

might slow me down

But watch me folks –

I’ll turn it around; I’ve done it before,

it’s no big deal; I’m meant to heal.

What I need, is to unload

Unseal reveal, don’t conceal

this great upheaval

Out of commission –

a deadly killer

of Souls n Spirits.

All alone – I battle demons

no one knows

the much I’ve grown

As I unburden

all the hurtin’ from all those fears

over the years.

I still stand tall.

Can you feel me

Stuck in the middle

This twisted riddle

Can I can keep up the fight

in which he delights

Against the wall; I will not fall

I still stand tall – can’t make me small.


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Romancing Your Own Divinity

Last night’s meditation ignited in me an inner light, fueled by a spontaneous smile of the Divine shining through my being, as I was swept up in an expansive flow of deep love for myself, that surpassed anything I’ve experienced thus far… Oh! but wait, let’s back up a bit. So, I’m what you’d call […]

Romancing Your Own Divinity
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