Johnson & Johnson Showcases Interesting New Diapers

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Johnson & Johnson Showcases Interesting New Diapers

“Scholars Said What??!!” Pedophilia is a Sexual Orientation & We Should Accept It??

A definite #WTF moment

“Scholars Said What??!!” Pedophilia is a Sexual Orientation & We Should Accept It??

FTC Investigates: YouTube & Google: They Censor Opposing Political Views – but Pedophilia? No Problem!

There’s only one type of person that’d protect a pedophile: another pedophile.

FTC Investigates: YouTube & Google: They Censor Opposing Political Views – but Pedophilia? No Problem!

Politi-Non-Fact: “Fact Checkers” Are *NOT* Here To Help You

They’re here to deceive you. And besides if you need to go to a third party to tell you what is true & what is real you’ve got bigger problems.

Politifact needs a fact check on itself 8 days a week & twice on Sunday.

“Fact.” 😂

The fact that they use the word “fact” in their name screams Deception, just like “Media Matters,” – no, it does not, not to them. What does matter though is pretending it matters. If media really ‘mattered’ they wouldn’t be Propaganda Pummelers. “Media Matters!” is a subtle way to gaslight someone into believing that you care about truth.

You guys sneak these words into your titles to convey a certain message – which just so happens to be the complete & total opposite of what you’re actually doing. When actions don’t match the words, not only is it the farthest thing away from anything that even remotely resembles authenticity – its textbook gaslighting.

As someone who studies human behaviour & psychological warfare for breakfast, your one-play-playbook is boringly predictable, not to mention in dire need of an update. The sole reason for your existence is to stop people from researching altogether. Once schools turned into the pathetic houses of indoctrination they are – successfully eliminating people’s ability to think for themselves – in march the propaganda troops – “fact-checkers ” – just another arm in a Rotten Propaganda Tree.

So Congrats – cuz CLEARLY you’re a Genius -> You’ve convinced a bunch of idiots – the only people you fool – that you actually care about them AND that they need YOU to tell them what is real & what is not in the world. Ha. Ha. Ha. 😂

‘That You Care’ is Hilarious. Gargantuan Hilarity. Gargantuan Bullshit. The only thing more shocking than your daily pummelling of lies & total lack of integrity, character & honour is the fact that there are humans on this planet dumb enough to actually believe you. That you lie every single day – which happens to be so easily verifiable, especially considering we have the whole world in the palm of our hands across multiple gadgets 24/7 – yet dummies exist that believe you, just goes to show how Dumb 🐑 Dumb folk are. And that’s thanks to the houses of indoctrination & now the phony fact-checkers, successfully eradicating thinking, curiosity & now researching.

Whatever bogus mission-statement-puff-piece nonsense you parade around as legit can be tossed in the trash & replaced with just two words: Behavior Modification. It’s incredible to me that you lose no sleep over conning the entire world. That you lose no sleep for the Complete & Total MindFuckery. You’re fucking with people’s minds, with their perceptions of reality, you’re poisoning them with garbage just for your own nefarious gains. The dumbest people on the planet currently believe the complete & total opposite of what is really happening in the world. Many waste their entire lives believing something that isn’t even true, many are angry – for nothing, sad – for nothing, fearful – for nothing, & Hating – For Nothing.

You did that. YOU. And that’s Blood that’s on YOUR hands. You think you’re gonna spend your entire existence doing this & what – after you’ll just “walk along your Merry way?” You gaslight the world into thinking Trump is the very thing that YOU are. You’ve helped create a Backasswards Bizarro World where Everything is the Opposite. Weird how that sounds oddly familiar to those who are doing it ‘The Satanic Way.’ Must be Just a Coincidence.

If you think things are fucked up here, wait til you get *transferred* to *your next gig,* you won’t be laughing then. It was foolish to think you could go on doing this for this long & pay zero consequences.

Karma will not be kind, nor will God. And they will both give you exactly what you deserve.

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There’s just no other way to slice it folks!
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