Vibrating my Energy to a Higher Frequency

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Mysticism & Science: A Marriage Made in Heaven ☮

-Carl Sagan

What I see happening, hopefully sooner rather than later, is the Merging of Science & Spirituality.  Science must embrace Spirituality & Spirituality must embrace Science. I feel they are each other’s elusive corner piece of the puzzle. They’re gonna finish each other’s sentences. They complete each other. I don’t see any other way. Nothing else makes as much sense .. I feel Quantum Physics is getting close .. getting warmer keep going ∴


Mystics tune into Energy, Frequency & Vibration. Science, specifically Quantum Physics, proves the existence of these 3. So in turn, Science will prove that Mysticism is real. And they will Merge. They must merge. Tesla said it. Braden is saying it. I’m feeling it. You don’t have to be either scientific or either spiritual. You can be both. I feel you must be a little of both. 

.. ‘a little bit country & a little bit rock n roll’ / ‘Can’t have one without the other’ ..

I’m hooked on Quantum Physics vids – especially Brian Greene.  The way he explains things makes it so much easier to understand –  an excellent teacher! I feel he is definitely one of the most important people in our times. Another extremely important person of our times is Gregg Braden. He was nominated for the  Templeton Prize in 2015.  DeepTruth.jpg

“The prestigious Templeton Prize “honors a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery, or practical works.” Its aim is to identify “’entrepreneurs of the spirit’: outstanding individuals who have devoted their talents to expanding our vision of human purpose and ultimate reality.”





I just watched Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe.” That book finished in the final for the Pulitzer. He is amazing. If you don’t know who he is – you should check him out. 

He knocked my Cosmic socks off with his 4 part series called “The Fabric of the Cosmos.” It inspired that pic.

I first heard Tesla say we need Science & Magic to merge

& now Braden.  It makes sense – feels right

It’s all connected after all.  I can Feel it.  The last stick in the wheel of our current progress?
I feel that once married – a Quantum Leap. We are close.  There’s a part of me that just knows ..



I’m currently reading ‘frequency’ by Penney Peirce.


Nicola Tesla would be proud.

It’s completely relevant to what we’re going through as a whole, 

& important for me at this point in my journey.

I feel that everyone should be reading this.

Namaste ~ Peace ~ Love ~ Higher Frequency ~  Higher Vibrationaaaaaa.jpg


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To Spend or Not To Spend: Experiences vs. Things

“Save your money for a rainy day!” How many times did you hear that growing up? Truth be told, I was never very good at that. I’ve always been a live-for-the-moment type of gal.  A Fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda thing. Go Hard or Go Home! used to be my motto. Ahhhh, youth.  ‘But what if I’m hit by a bus tomorrow??’ was often my reply.  I never saw my life in my mind’s eye as someone who would save, save, save – then finally at the ripe old age of 85, roll my wheelchair onto a cruise ship & try to have a good time.  As we know there is no guarantee we will even make it that far. What is the point of dying with a million bucks in the bank if you have a serious lack of experiences & memories of all the trips you took & fun you had? What if something happens to me before I can enjoy the fruits of my labor? According to my mom, I was supposed to work, work, work & save, save, save. Now, I know it’s all about balance; but back then …

I’m glad I didn’t listen. The experiences made my life richer in so many ways.


Fill your life with amazing experiences, not stuff.

“A 20-year study conducted by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, reached a powerful and straightforward conclusion: Don’t spend your money on things. The trouble with things is that the happiness they provide fades quickly. There are three critical reasons for this:

• We get used to new possessions. What once seemed novel and exciting quickly becomes the norm.

• We keep raising the bar. New purchases lead to new expectations. As soon as we get used to a new possession, we look for an even better one.

• The Joneses are always lurking nearby. Possessions, by their nature, foster comparisons. We buy a new car and are thrilled with it until a friend buys a better one—and there’s always someone with a better one.”*

*Source: Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things  by TravisBradberry

In this image-driven world, buying nice things = status.  The house, the car, the vacation home, thousand dollar shoes, five thousand dollar handbags, only the ‘best’, the best of everything.  The brand MUST be clearly visible to all – must show the people they’re cool & rich. “Prada” “Louis Vuitton.” Ugh.  

Worn like a badge of insecurity.

To me, it screams, ‘Please like me’, ‘Please accept me.’  I, on the other hand, would take that $1000 and spend it on ten $100 items rather than just the one. Seems way more practical.  After all, they’re just things, & we can’t take any of these things with us when we cross over. A lot of the time they want more, more, more – it’s not enough – it’s never enough. That’s because things will never satisfy you the way experiences will. They will not bring you happiness. Outside things cannot bring you happiness. Happiness is a decision. Experiences, on the other hand, give us joy, teach us, helps us grow & create wonderful memories 💖 I will always choose an Experience over a Thing, 8 days a week & twice on Sunday 😎

I remember when I used to be insecure. I do remember what it was like before I woke up. Before I grew into myself. Timid & insecure – I just wanted to be liked & accepted too – until I found myself & grew some confidence. Eventually, you get to the point where you realize you don’t need to be liked or accepted.

You must like & accept yourself, it all starts with Self-Love 💖

I left home at 17, in 1989 – 28 years ago.  Wow! Looking back, I was clueless on what direction to take, and pretty clueless in general. That was long before the wisdom finally set in. I was lost, without knowing I was lost. But, it was the beginning of the road that would get me there. And I wouldn’t change a thing!

I bounced around a couple of jobs & roommates, & after working in a few little cafes here & there – in 1994 I landed a very respectable job in an accounting firm. Not bad for someone with only a high school diploma! I started in January, and on my very first day, my grandmother died.  My mom called me at work, & they actually let me leave the office after having been there less than an hour.  She was sick. It was a rough start to the year & the job 😦

I shined at work – I felt so important getting all dressed up in those corporate duds. I settled in nicely & learned the ropes. In no time, after only a few months, I was eager for more & began helping the accounts payable guy with his work; he taught me the basics & I’m a quick study. At my 6 month mark, the AP guy got fired.  As soon as I heard, I marched into my boss’ office & asked for the job.  I confessed that I had been secretly helping him for a few months so I already knew the job. ‘Give me a shot’, I pleaded. He did. I wound up doing AP for them for the next 3 years. It was great – people were almost always happy to hear from me – I was giving them money.  The only time they weren’t was if I didn’t approve something they tried to sneak through their expense reports! It was great while it lasted.  But after 3 years I grew tired, weary. Fed up of office politics & fed up of seeing the same people day in & day out. Whether you like them or not, in an office setting, you’re stuck with them.

And then, IT happened – I saw a movie that literally changed my life.

I’m sure you all remember the movie “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise & Elizabeth Shue?  That movie literally changed my life! Seriously! There he was, behind a bar on the magnificent beaches of Jamaica.  ‘People do that??’ I asked. I was amazed. In complete awe. I was about 20 at the time – not ready to chuck it all & take off – but the seed was planted 🙂 It took me a few more years to turn the dream into reality, but I did. And it was the most amazing experience of my life.  It opened the door to many more ‘most amazing experiences’ in my life.

I always tell any young adult who will listen: “Do it. Take off. Travel. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”  It will open your eyes, your heart & your soul. Different places, cultures, languages, people. Doors will open that you never knew existed.  All kinds of forks in the roads. It will help you grow, evolve, mature & gain wisdom.  

I forgot about that movie for a couple of years – but since the seed was planted – I did something that brought that memory back to the forefront of my mind. In 1996, the year before I left the firm, I took my first ever Caribbean vacation. Sitting in front of the agent at the travel agency, with an ear-to-ear smile, I said, ‘Send me somewhere hot, with palm trees, hammocks & magnificent beaches please!’ Her suggestion, since I was going solo – which is my favorite way to travel btw – was the Tryp hotel in Cayo Coco, Cuba.  ‘Sold!’, I said & booked.

The seed that was planted sprouted immediately when I first saw the glorious tropical beaches, & especially the staff. They were playing beach volleyball with guests, having drinks or dinner with guests – seemingly socializing most of the day – one would think they were on vacation rather than at work. This reminded me of Tom Cruise’s character’s Jamaica bartending stint.  ‘My God, these are actual jobs!! People get paid for this?’ A whole new world opened up to me.  Talk about expanding my horizons!

Finally – I found my calling! After the most incredible week of my life at that point – I went back home on a mission. I would make it happen. I was 26, single & kid-less, ‘There’ll never be a better time than now!’

My Dream Job 💖

When I returned to Canada, I decided to take a bartending course at the Master School of Bartending here in Montreal. I was working at the firm M-F & taking the class a couple nights a week for a couple of months. My first night there, the very first class, the teacher said something that made my eyes light up & set my soul on fire 💥

“Many of my students were able to find employment abroad, on cruise ships, resorts & Club Med’s.” 

‘I’m sorry, WHAT??’  Did I just hear him correctly?  Holy crap! Looking back, everything was lining up. I was meant to take that path. I didn’t know it at the time, but now with everything that happened afterwards, it all makes sense. The beginning of my Spiritual Evolution 🙂

With my diploma in hand – I scored the best score I’ve ever scored in any class ever – a 97% – I found the Club Med site online. Now this was 1994, so the Internet was still new-ish to me.  I excitedly filled out their online application, & waited. It didn’t take very long for them to contact me. I was asked to come in for an interview & surprisingly (at the time- not anymore) it was in the same building my firm was in, but on a different floor. The interview lasted all of about 10 minutes. I was asked 2 questions:

1) ‘Are you bilingual?’ (English & French) & 2) ‘Do you have a valid passport?’  ‘Yes! & Yes! I mentioned that I was almost trilingual – I took a Spanish course somewhere in the middle of my stint at the firm, sometime after my Cuba trip.  Listening to the Cubans speak Spanish was music to my ears. Every time they spoke, it sounded like a song! Beautiful. 💖 ‘La idioma de l’amor!’ I quickly learned.  And that was it! I was told to go home & that I would receive a call in a couple of days. Not even three hours later, I got the call. THE Call.

“Pack your bags, you leave in three days!”  THREE DAYS!!  

You’re off to the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas!”  SAY WHAT ?!?! 

The next 3 days were surreal. I did a major de-cluttering of all my things. I was, after all, never coming back.  Goodbye Canada, goodbye sub-zero temperatures. I’m a Canadian Girl with A Carribean Soul & I’m going home!!

The beginning of the rest of my life! Stay tuned for the next part of the story!


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My Experience with Lucid Dreaming & OBE’S

Why I believe the mere fact we dream proves there is more than just the physical world! On DREAMS: I have the craziest dreams.  Very vivid.  Never a dull moment.  For the 14 years I ‘abstained’ fro…

Source: My Experience with Lucid Dreaming & OBE’S

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Love: Why We’re Here

Love Yourself ~ Self-Love ~ It all starts with you 🙂

The world is so beautiful when you choose to look at it through the eyes of love. Operating from a place of joy & kindness brings me a richness that money could never buy.  I graciously thank every obstacle, challenge & hardship – for without you who knows if I’d ever have gotten to such a state of appreciation & gratitude. Become the love you already are!

This is your life, to live & laugh & enjoy to your fullest potential – there is so much beauty to be had!  Don’t be afraid.  Trust in yourself.  You can be whoever you choose to create. Follow your Heart. It knows the way 😉  Create the best you you can be & we shall heal the world, 1 soul at a time 🙂

Ignore the ‘negatrons’.  Don’t let anything stand in your way. phototasticcollage-2016-07-04-22-39-51phototasticcollage-2016-06-27-21-46-02Create your own path.












We are in Earth School. I’ve been referring to myself as a Student of The Universe for probably 15 yrs. That’s something I’ve known even before I knew there was something to know. Don’t take everything so seriously – if you knew how “not serious” it was you would be quite surprised. The Universe has a wicked sense of humor 😉
All while simultaneously being the most breathtakingly exquisite majestic symphony – no words exist that could accurately describe it’s perfection.

The plan was to let us think we were alone here. Just us. Just to see what we would do with our free will. It’s ridiculously simple when you figure it out. If at times things seem complicated, there might be a lesson your being taught & you’re just not getting it .. the Universe will continue to try to nudge you to teach you – a little tug of war – if you resist. Know that the lessons exist to help you grow & evolve, & whoa look out – you’ll start appreciating them! Get yourself to a state of gratitude & BAM – watch your life transform. Goodbye complicated. Hello simplicity & joy, & a permanent smile 😁


Life is the Ocean. There are waves of ups & downs – just always have your surf boards ready!  Happy in the ups, appreciative & grateful in the downs. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” It’s so true! It’s all connecting! Unlock yourself & embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
There is beauty beyond anything you’ve ever known. And the Love – it will make you weep with such profound Joy & Bliss. I cannot wait for all to see the magic.


If you don’t see it now, it’s because you don’t believe it’s possible.

Stop limiting yourself.

“Sometimes we live our lives in chains never knowing we have the key.”

When faced with two choices, believing in nothing or believing in everything, why the heck would you choose the worst case scenario? What you think/believe becomes your reality.

Don’t waste any time worrying what anyone thinks of you. Don’t worry about a thing.


Just be love. Emanate it. Radiate it. Find what gives you goosebumps – flow with that. Flow with what resonates with you. Don’t listen with your head. FEEL WITH YOUR HEART. That’s how you KNOW something is right for you. I don’t want you to do what I do. I want you to do what you do. Create your own way.

#QuestionEverything #FindYourTruth #FollowYourHeart #Resonance
It IS all about #Energy #Frequency #Vibration

Thx #NikolaTesla Tune In. #FindYourself

Moving into Joy

There’s nothing wrong with being sad, it’s not a bad thing – I learned how good it feels to have a good cry – it’s such a release! I try to have a really good cry at least once a month – to get all of that crap out.  I keep a shelf of go-to movies – tearjerkers – & give myself a good cleansing. Out with the old & in with the new.


This is one way meditation helps. And even as I say this now, I giggle inside, that these words are actually coming out of my mouth – knowing that a year ago I would try “this meditation thing” for a whole 3 minutes – a whole 180 seconds – then get up and walk away in frustration n say fuck this crap it doesn’t work !
Glad I’m passed that. What the meditation will do for you – among many other things – is get you to that place where you are the Observer. You are not the sadness, but you are the Observer – observing the sadness. Not judging those feelings, letting them come in and letting them flow out. Meditation will help you quiet your mind.


Before Meditation, you will find yourself spending too much time in your head trying to figure things out and you won’t have balance – spend more time in your Heart and Soul – being quiet, asking the questions you want answers to and sitting silently without expectations, without judgements – the answer will come. I used to call that my “being all over the place and nowhere simultaneously mode.” I knew I had to meditate and it would help but I couldn’t quiet my mind long enough to get into it .. thank God I kept trying because I can’t even begin to describe what it has done and does for me 🙂

Remember – every second you have a choice. If you don’t like that choice that you just made, it’s okay, because oh look, here’s another now – if you screw up again it’s okay, here’s another now ..


Life is just a series of Nows strung together. It’s important to get to the mindset that it will pass – it always passes – and that is life! Things can’t be good all the time – how would we learn ? Can you imagine how bored we’d get – how much we’d complain! You’ve gotta have your Surfboard by your side at all times – waxed and ready to go. Know that this is a roller coaster – there’s going to be ups n highs .. n downs n lows …

Look at those lows as having a purpose for your growth, your evolution, your life lessons. Then when they come along you can take them a little less seriously; maybe even crack a smile – because you’ll realize you’re in a partnership with the Universe – a team – & it wants to work with you – not against you.




Painting as a Healer

When I reflect on where I am today with regards to where I used to be, how incredibly far I’ve come just amazes me. It’s been well over a decade since I escaped the eye of the tornado as I call it. There’s been so much to Heal. The amount of stress and trauma jam packed into a six year span left me with a lot to process. My nervous system was completely shot, making living and acting ‘normally’ a challenge.

It took me years and years of waking up, learning, going back to sleep, & waking up again to finally gain some wisdom and insight into what this life is all about. Ever since I was a child I always knew there was something more, that we were not here for nothing, that there was a purpose to all of this. I had hardships from the moment I was born, challenge upon challenge upon test upon lesson – I knew I was being prepared for something. I was fascinated by what I could not see, could not explain.

I loved getting into heated debates with skeptics, “Bring me a box of wind I say!” .. which they never could do .. so I would tease them & say, “Well then I guess it doesn’t exist ;)”


My curiosity led me to a Holistic school where I took “Quantum Medicine’, which basically skyrocketed my desire to further explore & pursue my Spiritual Enlightenment. With the introduction of Quantum Physics into my life, I knew  that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there 🙂 During the course of this class I had what was probably the most amazing dream I have ever had. It was incredible – I met a wonderful Being, we gently floated in space high above the earth – he brought me towards another being & said ‘Look !” He began to tear off his skin piece by piece – as he did , rays and rays of gold and white light emerged, lighting up the darkness. He looked at me and said, “This is what we’re really made of. I felt how much he really wanted me to know that. He wanted me to Believe. He knew I was struggling with moving forward because believing what I believed – without being able to prove it & living in a world where being like me earns you many different kinds of labels .. which you eventually learn to ignite ..

Last year alone Physics & Quantum Physics have made some really exciting discoveries, ones that even confuse the physicists 🙂 I kind of like that .. I am beyond excited for future discoveries & want science to catch up to what I’ve felt for so long = We are so not alone.

The last trauma was a decade ago, I still had anxiety issues & occasional panic attacks, wanted it to go away. I had lived in fear for so long, I didn’t remember any other way. I struggled but had to figure out how to relax, I mean really relax.

It took Tony Horton from P90x to make me realize how I walked around with my shoulders clenched up like an accordion, stiff, stressed – I was one big knot, in constant fight or flight mode.

Then I discovered ART👩‍🎨


This was only 3 short months ago. I now barely own anything that doesn’t have a little bit of paint on it. It was a post online that had me asking myself whether or not I had a creative side. A video in which an art teacher explains that everyone has a creative side, but a lot of people seem to tell themselves they can’t draw. I laughed – my running joke – used to be “If I try to draw a blue boat it’ll look like a red house !” Always the joker 😉 The next thing I knew I was off to the dollar store to get some paint by numbers, just to see if I’d enjoy it. To my amazement, they actually had cheap canvasses, Acrylic paint & brushes lol Why not – for less than $20 I was all set.

And the rest is history. I haven’t stopped since. My mind automatically shuts off, I am present, ahhhhh the elusive corner piece !! Voila ! A whole new world has opened up. In three months I’ve worked two events at local art galleries, met one of my favorite artists from France & started doing some translation work for him. I have found my passion!

Current Lesson : Using Intuition to paint. Need to sharpen it, this well help my enlightenment as well. Finally. Healing almost complete. Just in time to commence Reiki training soon. Thank you Universe, I am eternally Grateful for all of the lessons, all of the Beauty, & yes, all of the challenges and the crap – for without them I would not have grown & evolved. Everything happens for a reason.



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