The WHO is Now Condemning Lockdowns??

And now the WHO is condemning lockdowns?? And people wonder why we don’t believe anything they say since they do more backflips than an Olympic gymnast. But apparently Justin Trudeau is still intent on building camps across our country? What is really going on here??

The Real “Pandemic” is Government Tyranny

So THIS is what warrants “Covid Camps??” THIS?? Anyone with any common sense can see that’s preposterous. To be actively scouting locations in every major city – “because we have a “major pandemic” going on??” These stats DO NOT warrant stopping the entire Earth from turning, forcing tens of thousands of businesses to go bankrupt,Continue reading “The Real “Pandemic” is Government Tyranny”

Watch “D@c Ericks@n Explains Why We’re Doing It Wrong” on YouTube

Your best defense against getting sick is a healthy immune system; a healthy diet, exercise, lots of sunlight, interaction with others, AND exposure to germs & bacteria that our bodies need to survive, to build up our immune systems to be strong & able to fight the more dangerous ones ☀️ We need to resumeContinue reading “Watch “D@c Ericks@n Explains Why We’re Doing It Wrong” on YouTube”

So This Just Happened

The largest virtual conference on Human Rights with regards to coronavirus & how it’s being used as a weapon to control us. Weird how I didn’t hear a peep about this from the MSM .. DID YOU? April 13-14th #COVIDCon