Masks = Labels of Stupidity

You Got Got!

Nazi Germany is Back. Now They’re Called Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google

600,000 People Told They Had COVID-19 Despite Not Being Tested! 600,000. So the world’s count has to be reduced by 600,000 ⁉️ Jesus 🤦 You ready to take your damn mask off yet ⁉️ And they call #QAnon a LARP 🤦 #COVID is the LARP!

“Because Trump!!”

I’ll take “Because Trump” for $5,000 Alex!! If you thought Trump was involved, congrats you’re part of the Sheeple Clan. Makes total sense as to why they accused him though now doesn’t it⁉️ Yup, Psychological Projection peeps, that’s how it works! –Make no mistake it’s BECAUSE of 45 that this shit is being exposed. IContinue reading ““Because Trump!!””