BREAKING: Judicial Watch Uncovers: Clinton Lawyer Indicates Hillary’s Emails Were Altered

Judicial Watch Uncovers Clinton Attorney Samuelson Interview with FBI – Indicates Hillary’s Emails Were Altered & Other Crimes

Most Evil Company? Move over Monsanto & Make Way for Google

Dear #Google 😈😈😈😈 Of all the corrupt things in this backasswards world, you are the definite front-runner. [After your master Hillary Clinton of course]. You & your corrupt, soulless entity – a bratty 8 year old pulling a tantrum in the sandbox so he gets his way & all the toys for himself – areContinue reading “Most Evil Company? Move over Monsanto & Make Way for Google”

#KamalaHarris Sued, $43 trillion RICO Case: “But Trump??”

Another day in the complete & total brainwashed-ness of the left. The things they worry Trump might have done pale in comparison to the colossal amount of corruption one can find on the other side with just a little research. Gee could that be the reason they’re so against him?? Of course it’s the reasonContinue reading “#KamalaHarris Sued, $43 trillion RICO Case: “But Trump??””

Be Careful Who You Trust

Turns out drug running / smuggling / trafficking: not just for the CIA – cuz why should they have all the fun, right DEA ⁉️ 💣Sounds crazy cuz it is💣sounds like something outta 1984 cuz it is💣 Most problems (wars / drugs / plane bombings / etc) were created by THEM – the establishment /Continue reading “Be Careful Who You Trust”