Why You Hate: Signs From the Universe

It’s a Reflection. Think Mirror. To yourself, ask, ‘What do you hate?’ Did you come up with anything? If you thought of 1 or more things, read on. When you see someone you think you hate, what you’re actually seeing is a part of yourself that you don’t like, reflected from them back at you,Continue reading “Why You Hate: Signs From the Universe”

“Do People Realize They Are Creating Their Own Overlords⁉️”

Guys, I implore you, from the bottom of my heart, WATCH THIS VID, it’s the MOST IMPORTANT one you’ll see! ☢️This is the direction they’re taking us☢️ From Alexa listens 24/7, the establishment has total access to entire home when u “smart” everything, to very scary, creepy new patents, emotion reading, Alexa will give advice,Continue reading ““Do People Realize They Are Creating Their Own Overlords⁉️””

A Gun Problem? No, it’s a ‘Lack of Humanity’ Problem.

Broken records singing the same song – boy is it time for a new tune.

Don’t Ever Compromise Who You Are

Not for anyone, not for anything. Stay true to you. Our consciousness is constantly getting bombarded from numerous gadgets, news outlets, ads, commercials, magazines – shouting at us who we’re supposed to be. Nope, not for me. For I have chosen to see. I am Free. Compromise