You Would NEVER See This in the US Media 

“Fishing segment on live tv goes horribly wrong” More like hilariously wrong 😂 And so damn refreshing! I’d rather see this 8 days a week & twice on Sunday – than the propaganda that comes out of 99% of the American mainstream media. The Canadian one isn’t too far behind them either ..  Thanks forContinue reading “You Would NEVER See This in the US Media “

New for 2019👕Snaptee Tees

Let’s combat indoctrination💫 Remind others (& yourself) that it’s ok to Think for Yourself 💟 Love Infusion Tees on Snaptee Original artwork – abstract paintings, quotes, & digital art.

Studio Time: Acrylic Fluid Painting Trial

I’ve made a few of these in the past that turned out well; oddly that was before I even read any instructions on how to do it. So I watched a few pretty incredible ones last night. Glad I was able to quickly spot my mistakes. Learn, grow, evolve 😌 Last week I wrote aboutContinue reading “Studio Time: Acrylic Fluid Painting Trial”


We don’t have to agree with what others say – but we need to start respecting their right to say it.