I Wish I Could Take Away Everyone’s Pain

My absolute deepest condolences to the family of the woman who passed away, at our resort in Varadero, Cuba, at the Occidental Arenas Blancas. I am so very sorry💖Complete & utter shock & very deep sadness & helplessness even though I didn’t even know her. My God I don’t even know her name😥 Sadly sheContinue reading “I Wish I Could Take Away Everyone’s Pain”

#Boeing Put Profit Before People & That Is Unacceptable

Check out this mind blowing report done by fearless 60 Minutes Australia about Boeing’s 737 MAX & how the company made the decision to take a gamble with our lives because they were too close to completion time to make the very costly adjustments needed. 350 people paid with their lives in two almost identicalContinue reading “#Boeing Put Profit Before People & That Is Unacceptable”

Dolphins in Captivity

It was with a heavy heart that I paid for this excursion. It was even harder when I saw how small the area was where they were performing, afraid that that small space was all they had to swim in. All I could think of was how could this incredibly intelligent creature be used inContinue reading “Dolphins in Captivity”